The EDU-TAB tablet is built with the latest technology that will support the education software with best user interface. The tablet will feature camera, wi-fi, 3G, phone features and many other tools to simplify the education experience.

Specification of the tablet

EDU-TAB Classroom is designed to work on Android tablets; versions 5.1 and above. The solution completely automates the entire classroom activities from the very beginning attendance marking till the report generation. Local server allows data to be stored and retrieved as and when required. The teacher and students get connected in a Wi-Fi environment. Auto-connection is enabled between teachers and students as soon as they login. Teachers can create

learning content by inserting videos, animations, text files or any digital content that will pave way for revolutionary learning experience. The solution supports Epub, PDF, PPT type chapters. Exams, assignments, quick polls, feedback can be conducted and evaluated within no time. Attendance reports, log reports, exam results; in fact the entire evaluation mechanism at your fingertips.